Saturday, March 23, 2013

"Major Charles Rane Has Come Home to War!"

"There's a storm brewing in this man. They took his arm. They took his family... and his soul." "Rolling Thunder" Original Insert. This film is fantastic. It's about a man who comes home from Vietnam after being held as a POW in Hanoi for several years. Major Charles Rane (William Devane)and his friend Johnny (Tommy Lee Jones) return home to a great reception and Maj. Rane receives a silver dollar for every month he served his country, but when some two bit hoods see the silver dollars on TV they break into his house and steal them. His wife and daughter are killed, and the Major loses his hand in the process. Once he heals up, he sharpens his new prosthetic hand and loads up on weapons, finds the perpetrators, and he and his friend go to war again. (This is now available on Warner Archive MOD DVD and it looks fantastic.) Trailer here. From 1977.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Lunar She-Devils Lure Earthmen Into Their Lair of Doom!"

"A Giant Fiendish Creature!" "Missile to the Moon" Original Insert. Two escaped convicts decide to hide in a rocket ship, which then takes off for the moon. This movie has great slow-moving spongy rock creatures, an all-female race of moon maidens and a goofy spider puppet. From 1958.