Sunday, October 30, 2011

"When You Get to Hell, Tell 'em an Angel Sent You." "Avenging Angel" Original One Sheet. The sequel to 1984's Angel." This time Betsy Russell is Angel and she's no longer a prostitute. She's going to college when the cop that helped her get off the streets gets murdered. She and her weird street friends work together to find the killer. Good action and you get to see her undercover as a nurse. Here's the trailer. From 1985.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Nothing Behind But Prison Bars. Nothing Ahead But Trouble." "Where they come from this is fun!" "Black Mama White Mama" Original Turkish Poster. The Turkish art is great and the U.S. One sheet is... well, not. This movie is Roger Corman's homage to "The Defiant Ones." Lee Daniels (Pam Grier) and Karen Brent (Margaret Markov) are the newest inmates at a women's prison. Since they hate each other so much, the Warden handcuffs them together and they escape. This movie is outrageously fun. There's a great catfight between the ladies. Also, in an inventive scene, Karen puts her panties around the neck of a little stray lapdog to throw the dogs off their scent. From 1973. Here's the trailer.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

"100 Proof Women Running Shine 'Cross The County Line!" "Moonshine County Express" Original One Sheet. After their father is murdered, three sisters decide to take over his moonshine business. From 1977.
"Slumber Party Massacre" Original One Sheet. "The Ultimate Driller Killer Thriller." aka Sleepless Nights,Slumber Party, Don't Open the Door, The Overnight Massacre, The Slumber Party Murders. This movie's pretty good for a slasher flick. Lots of girls in lingerie, gratuitous shower scenes, and an escaped lunatic with a drill that sports a two foot bit. I love the scene where the girl decides to eat the pizza that's laying on top of the dead pizza guy. From 1982. Here's the trailer.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Galaxina" Original One Sheet. The 1980 goofy take on Star Wars. Really only worth watching because of the gorgeous Dorothy Stratten as the title character. Here's the TV trailer.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Terence Young's Amazons" aka "War Goddess" Original Japanese Movie Program. "Women Warriors as Sensuous as they are Savage. Women Rulers as Passionate as they are Powerful." The 1975 film about a tribe of wild Amazons. Every 4 years, a new Queen is chosen for the Amazons through intense competition and battle, including wrestling, javelin throwing, climbing challenges and horse racing (while whipping other contestants.) In order to compete, each woman must bring the head of a man. The Amazon women enjoy a fine existence, except for once a year when they must breed with men to further their race.
Director Terence Young and colleagues reviewed 14,000 photographs and conducted "Miss Amazon" contests in Trieste, Paris, Hamburg, Munich, Rome and Nice to come up with the 100 women who are the "Amazons." They then endured a six-week training regimen that included riding, calisthenics and running from early in the morning until lights out. They did mostly their own stunts too; several girls had broken legs and one lost a finger under a chariot wheel! They explain the need for oil when wrestling as necessary protection of "holy oil." Silly.
It was filmed in Spain. The original is 105 minutes, but the U.S. release (War Goddess) is a cut up 89 minutes. There is a Japanese DVD that has English language that clocks in at 103 minutes. Here's the trailer. Contains nudity. From 1973.
"Tiger of the Seven Seas" aka "The Pirate Queen" from the "Wicked Women" Force Video calendar, 1985. A pirate adventure starring beautiful Gianna Maria Canale as Consuelo, the daughter of the pirate leader known as The Tiger. He's getting old so he must choose a successor to be captain his ship, The Santa Maria. The decision is made by a duel. Consuelo demands to participate, so she must duel William Scott, the man she loves. She wins, and soon after her father is murdered. William stands accused and is sentenced to death but escapes during a raid by Spanish soldiers. Consuelo soon turns into a ruthless, hardened pirate, as she raids ships of the Spanish main, vowing revenge against the man she once loved. Will she learn who the true traitor is? There's plenty of swordplay, romance, dirty deals, and treasure too! From 1962.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Five Gates to Hell" Original Insert. "The naked fury of women battling men, in a spectacle of unparalleled savagery!" In French Indochina, two Red Cross doctors and seven nurses are captured by a guerrilla band and taken to the side of a grievously ill warlord. The doctors are eventually killed, and the nurses use sex as a means of escaping their captors. From 1959. Trailer here.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Ms. Stiletto" aka "Isabella Duchess Of The Devils," from the "Wicked Women" Force Video calendar, 1985. A Baron massacres the family of a French Duke, and takes his lands and title. Isabella, (the Duke's infant child) escapes the massacre, is raised by gypsies, and comes back twenty years later to exact revenge. Trailer here. 1969. I'd like to see this movie some time.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Nefertite - Queen of the Nile" from the "Wicked Women" Force Video calendar, 1985. Jeanne Crain plays the title character in this sweeping romance-drama set in ancient Egypt. Also starring Vincent Price and Edmund Purdom. Trailer here.
"Wicked Women" Video Calendar, 1985. This is the main page of a calendar from Force Video. It was sent as a promotional item to video rental stores and had perforations so you could tear out the posters. I will be posting the other images from it at a later date. (There are six more.) All titles are available in your choice of VHS or BETA. ;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

"After the Fall of New York" Original One Sheet. After a nuclear war, society breaks down into two groups, the evil Euraks and the rebel Federation. The current leader of the federation tells a mercenary of a plan to send a rocket to another planet to restart the human race, since the world is full of radiation and mutants. It seems there is one fertile woman left in New York and if he can find her, his seat on the rocket is assured. This movie is actually pretty fun. It's got lots of armored future car battles, laser crossbow fights, mutants, an ape-man gang leader, etc. The fertile woman is actually a scientist's daughter; he saw what was coming and froze her. It's never explained why he strips her naked and puts her in a clear plastic suit. Check out the trailer here. From 1983.