Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Nothing Behind But Prison Bars. Nothing Ahead But Trouble." "Where they come from this is fun!" "Black Mama White Mama" Original Turkish Poster. The Turkish art is great and the U.S. One sheet is... well, not. This movie is Roger Corman's homage to "The Defiant Ones." Lee Daniels (Pam Grier) and Karen Brent (Margaret Markov) are the newest inmates at a women's prison. Since they hate each other so much, the Warden handcuffs them together and they escape. This movie is outrageously fun. There's a great catfight between the ladies. Also, in an inventive scene, Karen puts her panties around the neck of a little stray lapdog to throw the dogs off their scent. From 1973. Here's the trailer.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

"100 Proof Women Running Shine 'Cross The County Line!" "Moonshine County Express" Original One Sheet. After their father is murdered, three sisters decide to take over his moonshine business. From 1977.
"Slumber Party Massacre" Original One Sheet. "The Ultimate Driller Killer Thriller." aka Sleepless Nights,Slumber Party, Don't Open the Door, The Overnight Massacre, The Slumber Party Murders. This movie's pretty good for a slasher flick. Lots of girls in lingerie, gratuitous shower scenes, and an escaped lunatic with a drill that sports a two foot bit. I love the scene where the girl decides to eat the pizza that's laying on top of the dead pizza guy. From 1982. Here's the trailer.