Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Twelve Monkeys" Original Advance One Sheet. For recent films, more thought is often put into advance one sheets than regular one sheets. Usually, the regular one sheets consist of a collage of the actor's heads or something unimaginative like that. That's why I like advance one sheets like this one. Plot: In the future, a virus of unknown origin has wiped out most of humanity. The ones still alive live underground. Scientists have invented time travel but it's an unstable system, so they decide to use "volunteer" prisoners. They are sent back to the time before the virus to try and find clues to it's origin. Then, other officials will travel back and stop it's release. If successful, the prisoner will receive a full pardon for their crimes. Bruce Willis stars as James Cole, a prisoner who's sent back and who begins to see stencils appearing in subways and alleys about an "Army of the Twelve Monkeys." Here's the trailer. 1995.

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