Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Tiger of the Seven Seas" aka "The Pirate Queen" from the "Wicked Women" Force Video calendar, 1985. A pirate adventure starring beautiful Gianna Maria Canale as Consuelo, the daughter of the pirate leader known as The Tiger. He's getting old so he must choose a successor to be captain his ship, The Santa Maria. The decision is made by a duel. Consuelo demands to participate, so she must duel William Scott, the man she loves. She wins, and soon after her father is murdered. William stands accused and is sentenced to death but escapes during a raid by Spanish soldiers. Consuelo soon turns into a ruthless, hardened pirate, as she raids ships of the Spanish main, vowing revenge against the man she once loved. Will she learn who the true traitor is? There's plenty of swordplay, romance, dirty deals, and treasure too! From 1962.

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