Monday, July 26, 2010

"The Creeping Flesh" Original One Sheet. "A terrifying journey through the nightmare worlds of evil, insanity and terrible revenge." Okay, so it's not a very catchy tagline. This is a pretty good flick that reunites 2 of my favorite actors: Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Peter Cushing's character returns from an expedition to New Guinea. He has in his possession the skeletal remains of what he believes to be a creature of supreme evil. When he discovers that water causes flesh to regenerate on the bones, he uses the tissue to create a serum that he hopes will prevent his daughter from succumbing to the same madness that consumed his late wife. Unfortunately, his selfish brother, played by Christopher Lee, puts too much water on it and the monster begins to come to life. It's from 1973. Here's the trailer.

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