Sunday, October 17, 2010

"At the Earth's Core" Japanese Movie Program. A Victorian scientist, (Peter Cushing) and his assistant, (Doug McClure) take a trip to the center of the Earth using a tunneling machine. They find all manner of strange creatures, including a species of telepathic bird which the natives worship. Caroline Munro is the beautiful Dia, a native girl who's soon to be sacrificed to the birds. I really like this movie. There's a really trippy scene where mad scientist Peter Cushing is hanging onto a giant plant, waving his umbrella while a giant creature screams and stomps it's way through the forest toward him. There are all kinds of weird, colorful plants and creatures. Very loosely based upon a story by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Japanese movie programs are sold at the theater in limited quantities to promote the film. They're great because they're relatively cheap, but printed very well and are loaded with rare stills. Here's the trailer for the film. From 1971.

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