Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Munchies" Original One Sheet. An alien obsessed Professor, (Harvey Korman from The Carol Burnett show) finds what he believes to be an extra terrestrial, while exploring some caves in Peru. He and his dumb comedian son bring it back to Civilization and mayhem ensues. This is Roger Corman's rip off of "Gremlins," "Ghoulies" and "Critters." Unfortunately, it's nowhere near as good as any of those. The Munchies themselves are so obviously hand puppets, and to top it off, the poster even rips off "The Woman in Red." Strangely, it has Nadine Van der Velde, who was the young girl in "Critters," another small creature movie from the previous year. It's from 1987 and here's the trailer.

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