Sunday, June 17, 2012

"She Lives. Don't Move. Don't Breathe. She Will Find You." "Prophecy" Original insert. I didn't specifically set out to get this poster. It was part of a set of posters I acquired, but I'm glad I did. The art is gorgeous and it's in mint condition.

The Native American tribes who live in the forest have a legend about a giant beast named "Ka Tah Din," who protects the forest and has a bond with every living thing. Well, in reality, it's a giant mutated bear that has been caused by the local paper mill dumping mercury in to the lake. This is a great "Ecology Gone Berserk" title. Bad-ass teaser trailer here. From 1979.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Curvaceous Crusaders Battle to Rebuild a Shattered Land." "Skate or Die! Original "Roller Blade" Video One Sheet. An order of switch blade wielding, rollerblading "nuns," (and I use the name nuns extremely loosely,) and other female rebels fight against a fascist state ruled by a hand puppet. Yep. You read that right, a hand puppet. I tried to watch this again for this review, but I just couldn't do it. It's horrible. Lots of gratuitous nudity though. Check your brain at the door and watch the whole movie on YouTube. From 1986.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

"A Maniac is Killing Strippers. Detective Sheenan Has One Weapon to Stop Him. Her Body." Original Turkish One Sheet. The poster art makes it look better than it actually is. Roger Corman produced cop/ slasher movie about a female officer who has to go undercover to find out who's killing strippers. Available on DVD if you can find it. Cool TV Spot here, and Trailer here. 1987.