Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Nightwing" Original Insert. "In the dead of night they come - Swift - Silent - Savage." Killer vampire bats at an Indian Reservation. Unfortunately no trailer, but here's a scene where the bats attack some campers. It's from 1979.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Queen of Blood" Original Half Sheet. I like this movie. "A Deathless Witch who Devours Men!" "Hideous Beyond Belief!" In the distant future (the year 1990,) a radio transmission notifies earth of an imminent visit by aliens. When a ship crash lands on Phobos, we mount a rescue and find one female survivor. She's green and has a beehive hairdo! However, as the body count begins to stack up on the Earth ship, the crew realizes she lives entirely on blood. Watch for a very young Dennis Hopper as a crew member. As far as I know it's never been released on DVD. I recorded it from AMC back when it was good and commercial-free. From 1966. Trailer here. P.S. Looks like it's available to stream on Netflix.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

"At the Earth's Core" Japanese Movie Program. A Victorian scientist, (Peter Cushing) and his assistant, (Doug McClure) take a trip to the center of the Earth using a tunneling machine. They find all manner of strange creatures, including a species of telepathic bird which the natives worship. Caroline Munro is the beautiful Dia, a native girl who's soon to be sacrificed to the birds. I really like this movie. There's a really trippy scene where mad scientist Peter Cushing is hanging onto a giant plant, waving his umbrella while a giant creature screams and stomps it's way through the forest toward him. There are all kinds of weird, colorful plants and creatures. Very loosely based upon a story by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Japanese movie programs are sold at the theater in limited quantities to promote the film. They're great because they're relatively cheap, but printed very well and are loaded with rare stills. Here's the trailer for the film. From 1971.

Friday, October 15, 2010

"2 Days in the Valley" Original One Sheet. (There are at least 3 different styles of this poster. I believe mine is relatively rare. See a comparison here.) "2 Days in the Valley" is a great film from 1996 with a fantastic cast of characters whose stories all come together by the end of the film. It includes some great actors, such as Danny Aiello, James Spader, Teri Hatcher, Charlize Theron, Jeff Daniels and Eric Stoltz. I remember seeing this in the theater and renting the laserdisc some time later. I also remember one of the tracks on the laserdisc was titled "Spandex Catfight." A real classic. It really needs a nice release since the DVD is pretty low quality. Here's the trailer.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Horror Planet" Original One Sheet. "A crawling terror from the depths of doom!" "Horror Planet" is the U.S. cut version of the U.K. film "Inseminoid." On a distant planet, in a series of caves, a group of archeologists find an alien creature. It impregnates one of the team who then starts killing her coworkers to protect the alien babies. This movie is terrible. Super low budget and you never really get a clear shot of any aliens. Here's the trailer for "Inseminoid." It sort of contains nudity... I think. It's kind of hard to tell. 1981.
"Night of the Comet" Original One Sheet. A rogue comet is spotted and the Earth is expected to pass through it's tail, an event which hasn't happened for 65 million years. Hmm, isn't that when the dinosaurs became extinct? Everyone who turns out to watch the comet is predictably fried. Those with minimal exposure are turned into zombies, and those with no exposure are unaffected. Two sisters, Regina (Catherine Mary Stewart) and Sam (Kelli Maroney) are left in an empty world filled with living dead. They must learn to defend themselves and fire automatic weapons. Expect lots of '80s music, '80s hair and '80s terms like "Bitchin'" It's from 1984. Trailer.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors" Original One Sheet. "Sleep. Those little slices of Death. How I loathe them." -Edgar Allan Poe
A group of kids who've been institutionalized because they're afraid of their dreams, learn to fight the child-killer Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) with the help of a woman who's gone up against him before. Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) teaches them that dreams can be controlled and used against their enemy. I've always liked the poster art for this film the best, and the movie's pretty decent too. Watch for Laurence Fishburne in an early role as an orderly. Here's the Dokken Music Video for "Dream Warriors." Watch out! It sticks in your head. From 1987.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

"When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth" Original Insert. A prehistoric tribe believes they must sacrifice all blondes to the soon to be born moon, but when a freak storm arrives, Sanna (Victoria Vetri) escapes. Now she must navigate alone through a world filled with danger. Hammer Films' second Prehistoric epic due largely to the success of "One Million Years BC." Notice the poster says rated G. This was released on DVD as a double bill with "Moon Zero Two" as a Best Buy exclusive. The box shows a G rating, but Warner Brothers accidentally used the R rated print (with a nude scene intact,) and it has since been pulled from shelves. From 1970. Epic TV Spot and Trailer. I have some stills to post at a later date too.

"Species 2" Original Lenticular One Sheet. "Species 2" is the 1998 sequel to "Species" from 1995. This time, the alien creature from the first film has been cloned and is being studied to find weaknesses, in case of an invasion. Her name is Eve, and she's once again played by Natasha Henstridge. Meanwhile, a manned mission to Mars yields soil samples that contain alien DNA. Apparently, Mars was once a living, thriving planet until the aliens decimated all life, and now the alien DNA has infected and changed one of the astronauts. If he is allowed to mate with Eve, it's all over. A photo just didn't do this poster justice so I made a short HD video. Here's the trailer.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"The Incredible 2 Headed Transplant" Original Insert. The head of a lunatic is transplanted on to a seven foot simpleton. The two headed creature then escapes and terrorizes the countryside. With Casey Kasem and Bruce Dern. Released in a Midnite Movie double feature with "The Thing with Two Heads." See the trailer here. 1971.
"Saturn 3" 8x10 Promotional Still. Unused costume for Farrah Fawcett in the film "Saturn 3." At least I think it was unused, it's been a while since I've watched it. Also see my insert below.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Saturn 3" Original Insert. A spacecraft that's orbiting Saturn is manned by a crew of 2: Adam, (Kirk Douglas) and his lover, Alex (Farrah Fawcett.) When they receive a temporary guest (Harvey Keitel) who becomes obsessed with Alex, and his out of control robot, things start to spin out of control. The robot design in this movie is really cool and Farrah's always fun to watch. Harvey is also very menacing. It's available widescreen on DVD in Region 2 PAL only. Here's the trailer. 1980.
"Munchies" Original One Sheet. An alien obsessed Professor, (Harvey Korman from The Carol Burnett show) finds what he believes to be an extra terrestrial, while exploring some caves in Peru. He and his dumb comedian son bring it back to Civilization and mayhem ensues. This is Roger Corman's rip off of "Gremlins," "Ghoulies" and "Critters." Unfortunately, it's nowhere near as good as any of those. The Munchies themselves are so obviously hand puppets, and to top it off, the poster even rips off "The Woman in Red." Strangely, it has Nadine Van der Velde, who was the young girl in "Critters," another small creature movie from the previous year. It's from 1987 and here's the trailer.